Additional Arkansas Related Transparency Information from Other Sources

Candidates/Lobbyists/Political Action Committee Reports

Candidate Contribution and Expenditure Reports

Search by candidate name, election, contributor, or office - This search will allow access to Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Reports filed online with the Secretary of State's office.

Lobbyist Reports

Search by lobbyist name, firm name, client name, and dollar amount

Political Action Committee (PAC) Reports

Search by PAC name, contributor name and address, and dollar amount

Elected Officials & the Legislature

General Assembly Member Disclosure Reports

This tool allows you to access Financial Disclosure reports filed both on paper and online with the Secretary of State's office, including Statement of Financial Interest Reports, Extra Income Disclosures, Disclosure by the Members of the General Assembly, Contribution and Expenditure Reports, Political Action Committee Reports and Lobbyist Reports.

Elected Officials Search

Simply enter your street address and city to find the elected official for your area.

Legislative Bill Tracking

Search for and read Acts and Bills that were passed or are being considered by the Arkansas General Assembly.

Legislative Audit Reports

Visit the Arkansas Division of Legislative Audit website and use the Interactive Audit Search to locate specific reports.

Arkansas State Legislature Meetings & Events Calendar

View a list of upcoming meetings and events scheduled for the legislatures.

State Government

Arkansas Budget Information

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Office of Budget is responsible for the Administration of the deficit prohibition law through implementation of the Annual Operations Plans for State Agencies, preparation of the State's Biennial Budget and providing technical and fiscal expertise to the various branches and agencies of government. Arkansas' Budget Brochure contains facts relevant to Fiscal Year 2011.

Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The intent of the Arkansas FOIA is to provide access to information in an open and public government, one of the hallmarks of a democratic society. It gives citizens an opportunity to look at a broad array of information at every level of government and to observe the actions of our government leaders. It also promotes and protects the right of individuals to attend the meetings of policy-making, tax supported bodies.

Extra Income of State Employees Disclosure Reports

Search by employee or by agency to locate information on Extra Income Disclosures.

Expenditure websites for Arkansas State Supported Institutions of Higher Education - 4 Year Public Universities

ADHE has links to 4 year public universities in Arkansas that receive funding from the state

Expenditure websites for Arkansas State Supported Institutions of Higher Education - 2 year Colleges

ADHE has links to 2 year public colleges in Arkansas that receive funding from the state

Higher Education Enrollment Data

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has enrollment information available online.

Statement of Financial Interest Reports

The Arkansas Secretary of State's advanced financial disclosure search allows access to Statements of Financial Interest Reports that were filed online with the Secretary of State's office.


The Recovery website is devoted to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and contains information on the projects and programs which are funded by the Recovery Act in Arkansas.

Arkansas State Vehicle Inventory Search

The Department of Finance and Administration State Vehicle Inventory Search allows users to locate information pertaining to State Vehicles and the agencies to which they are assigned.

Public Meetings Calendar

Effective July 1, 2009, all state agencies are required to post the date, time, and location of all agency meetings and hearing that are open to the public. Visit the Public Meetings Calendar to locate a list of scheduled meetings.

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